Your discipline is


Your strength is being thorough and seeking perfection. But the flip side is that you might miss new opportunities.

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Our guess is that you are curious, observant and most likely an expert within your domain. People with similar responses as you hate underdelivering and disappointing. They pride themselves by delivering a great piece of work every single time. You are most likely thorough with every task you put your mind into and your colleagues know you as a person who’s always diligent with the things you promised.

But being too thorough can have a flip side


Nobody likes to underdeliver, but when it's too big a concern it can lead to passing on great opportunities. Especially if they are outside your domain of expertise. It makes sense. It's much easier to deliver great results when you operate within our comfort zone. Diving into the unknown can feel terrifying, but sticking to what you know leaves little room for development. People with Ambition find it hard to define goals they are not sure how to fulfill. If you are like most people with Ambition, you most likely unconsciously add complexity to things and prepare explanations to why success is unlikely. People with Ambition are more comfortable observing than taking action when it comes to new stuff. If you don’t challenge yourself you can be in control of the end result. And that's nice, but the problem with only setting criteria of success that you are sure to meet is that you don't stimulate your growth. Playing it safe is the opposite of taking chances.

But there’s plenty of room for improvement!

Room for improvement

It's awful being held accountable for a failure. Especially if you're not responsible for it. But staying within your own frame of reference makes it difficult to realize dreams and aspirations. Setting ambitious targets you are not sure how to reach will create development and growth in your life.