Your discipline is


Your strength is believing in yourself and trusting your skills but the flip side is that it frequently becomes your way or the highway

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You believe in yourself and you are always on top of things. You are confident in your own skills and know your personal toolbox inside out. If you are like most people with Exchange you have a strong self and great sense of your own needs. You are a problem solver and comfortable handling every aspect of a project on your own. You are independent and don't rely on others to get things done.

But this much independency can have a flip side


Being super confident in your owns skills can make it hard to be open to other people’s input. People with Exchange usually have a hard time letting others influence what they are working on. It’s just so much easier doing things yourself. Especially if you need to do it well and fast. It can be hard to imagine that other people have ideas or input that you didn’t already think of and you most likely have experienced that other people has decreased the outcome of your work. To work in solitude means control and ensures no-one will negatively affect what you do. But to work alone also means you limit yourself from solutions that you didn’t think of yourself.

But there’s plenty of room for improvement!

Room for improvement

If I want something done right, I’ll do it myself. You probably said that to yourself one time or another. But working alone also means you are stuck to your own devices. Asking people with the capability of providing new perspectives for input can make your projects more successful than you thought possible. And the good news is that getting other people's input while staying in control is a skill that can be learned.