Your discipline is


Your strength is being open minded and good at discovering new opportunities. But the flip side is that it can be difficult to stick to one thing.

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You are good at seeing new opportunities and always open to input from others. Some people call you a peacemaker; the one that’s never in conflict and always looking for a peaceful solution to every discussion. You are a problem-solver. You are great at compromises, and you make sure to listen to everyone’s opinion before making your own statement.

But loving compromises and consent can have a flip side


Always being open for new ideas and opportunities can make it hard to stick to one thing - especially when the going gets tough. If you are like other people with Integrity, you hate being the only one with a controversial opinion and find it hard to share your personal thoughts and beliefs with other people. But if you often shift direction and rarely state your own opinion, it can be difficult for other people to know what you stand for. Change your mind or refrain from showing other people what you really think too often - and you run the risk of people not taking you seriously and not having an impact on decisions that are being made in your life.

But there’s plenty of room for improvement!

Room for improvement

The purpose of Integrity is to honor your word. To stand by your personal thoughts and beliefs – even when the going gets tough. It offers you a chance to receive support for what you really want to achieve. Getting better at this can be a life long journey. For some it starts with just knowing what to believe in, for others it's about acknowledging that disagreement does not mean that the other person dislikes you – they just don’t agree with you on this particular matter.