Your discipline is


Your strength is taking good care of others. But the flip side is, that you can forget to take care of yourself.

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Your strength is caring for others. You love helping and being of service to people around you. You get energy from helping other people succeed, and you maintain the good vibe in the group – if everyone’s happy, you’re happy. Basically: You want to do good for others, always.

But taking too much responsibility for other people can have a flip side


Caring so much for others can come with a price. It's difficult to say no if it will make others unhappy, and there's a good chance you will compromise your values to avoid the conflict. You feel uncomfortable if someone is angry at you (even if it's unjust) and delivering a bad message is particularly hard. Sometimes it’s easy to confuse helping others with sacrificing yourself. There’s a good chance your schedule is filled with activities that you think other people expect you take care of, which leaves little time to what you find most important and fun. If you devote all your energy to other people not much is left to you and at the end of the day you might feel you don’t get what to actually want.

But there’s plenty of room for improvement!

Room for improvement

It’s like being on an airplane: Always put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. If you don’t first look after yourself, you can’t properly look after other people. Remember you’re in charge of your own work life. Being clear about your priorities and following your own path can propel you to a whole new level.