The Four Disciplines

Throughout life we observe and adapt to situations. From a very early age we start favoring some approaches over others. That's what shapes and defines us. Some people are really good at looking out for others, but forget to take care of themselves. Others have a hard time committing themselves if they don't feel they can control everything. At Headlight we are not too concerned why this happens, but we are very interested in how we can change it for the better. Throughout the two last decades we have studied thousands of people and how they approach problems. Coupled with modern psychology and personality theory we have defined four Disciplines. 

Each Disciplines defines a general approach we as humans may choose in a situation. If you master all four disciplines you will be bold and creative and always make the right decisions – confidently.

In the real world nobody masters all four Disciplines perfectly. In fact we are especially crippled in one of them and that's the approach we usually revert to in tough situations. We have experienced that this approach helps us avoid confrontations and failure but unfortunately it also sometimes keeps us from getting what we are after. The trick is to learn when our Discipline does something good for us, and when we should choose another approach.

The four disciplines are:

  1. Responsibility

  2. Integrity

  3. Ambition

  4. Exchange

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